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Upcoming Space Shuttle Launches  -  NASA Kennedy Space Center

Call 321-867-4636 for recorded launch information.

All times listed are Eastern Time. Target launch and landing dates are based on Kennedy Space Center assessments. Note: Official launch dates are set at the Flight Readiness Review, held approximately two weeks prior to the targeted liftoff date. However, launch dates and times are subject to change up to the time of launch due to weather, technical issues or other reasons.

A list of the acronyms used is provided below. The schedule is also provided in table format (pdf).

 Date Assembly
 January 2003 ULF1 U.S. Orbiter
  • Raffaello Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM)
  • Utilization and Logistics Flight
  • External Stowage Platform (ESP-2)
 April 2003 12A U.S. Orbiter
  • Second left-side truss segment (ITS P3/P4)
  • Solar array and batteries
 May 2003 12A.1 U.S. Orbiter
  • Third port truss segment (ITSP5)
  • SPACEHAB single cargo module
  • Logistics and Supplies
 August 2003 13A U.S. Orbiter
  • Second starboard truss segment (ITS S3/S4)
  • Solar array set and batteries
 September 2003 13A.1 U.S. Orbiter
  • SPACEHAB Single Cargo Module
  • Third starboard truss segment (ITS S5)
  • Logistics and Supplies
 January 2004 15A U.S. Orbiter
  • Fourth starboard truss segment
  • Solar Arrays and Batteries
 February 2004 10A U.S. Orbiter
  • U.S. Node 2
 Note: ISS Assembly Flights after 10A remain under review as to content and launch dates. The
 following is planning from the June 2001 Rev. F Assembly Sequence.
 TBD 9A.1 U.S. Orbiter
  • Russian Science Platform (SPP)
 TBD 3R Russian Proton
  • Universal Docking Module (UDM)
 TBD 5R Russian Soyuz
  • Docking Compartment 2 (DC2)
 TBD UF-4 U.S. Orbiter
  • Spacelab Pallet carrying "Canada Hand" (Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator)
 February 2004 1J/A U.S. Orbiter
  • Japanese Experiment Module Experiment Logistics Module (JEM ELM PS)
  • Science Power Platform (SPP) solar arrays with truss
 April 2004 ATV  
  • European Automated Transfer Vehicle
 May 2004 1J U.S. Orbiter
  • Kibo Japanese Experiment Module (JEM)
  • Japanese Remote Manipulator System (JEM RMS)
 September 2004 UF-3 U.S. Orbiter
 October 2004 1E U.S. Orbiter
  • European Laboratory - Columbus Module
 TBD N/A U.S. Orbiter
  • Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission
 January 2005 2J/A U.S. Orbiter
  • Japanese Experiment Module Exposed Facility (JEM EF)
  • Cupola
 February 2005 UF-5 U.S. Orbiter
 March 2005 9R Russian Proton
  • Docking and Stowage Module (DSM)
 May 2005 14A U.S. Orbiter
  • Science Power Platform (SPP) Solar Arrays
  • Zvezda Micrometeoroid and Orbital Debris (MMOD) Wings
  • MT/CETA Rails
 June 2005 UF-6 U.S. Orbiter
 July 2005 20A U.S. Orbiter
  • U.S. Node 3
 August 2005 8R Russian Soyuz
  • Research Module 1
 September 2005 16A U.S. Orbiter
  • Habitation Module
 October 2005 17A U.S. Orbiter
  • Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM)
  • System racks
  • Common Berthing Adapter CBA -- an interface between the Crew Return Vehicle and Node 3
 December 2005 18A U.S. Orbiter
 January 2006 19A U.S. Orbiter
  • Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM)
 March 2006 10R Russian Soyuz
  • Research Module 2
 April 2006 UF-7 U.S. Orbiter
  • Centrifuge Accommodation Module (CAM)
 Note: Additional Progress, Soyuz, H-II Transfer Vehicle and Automated Transfer Vehicle flights for
 crew transport, logistics and resupply are not listed.

Past Shuttle Launches


Cdr = mission commander NET = no earlier than
COS = cosmonaut PC = payload commander
EDT = Eastern Daylight Time Plt = pilot
EST = Eastern Standard Time PS = payload specialist
ISS = International Space Station TBD = to be determined
MS = mission specialist U/R = under review

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