Upcoming Space Shuttle Launches  -  NASA Kennedy Space Center

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All times listed are Eastern Time. Target launch and landing dates are based on Kennedy Space Center assessments. Note: Official launch dates are set at the Flight Readiness Review, held approximately two weeks prior to the targeted liftoff date. However, launch dates and times are subject to change up to the time of launch due to weather, technical issues or other reasons.

A list of the acronyms used is provided below. The schedule is also provided in table format (pdf) .



Target launch date/time -- TBD (U/R)

Crew   Members

Orbiter -- Endeavour (OV-105) Cdr -- Dominic L. Gorie

Plt -- Mark E. Kelly

MS -- Linda M. Godwin

MS -- Daniel M. Tani

Expedition-4 (up):  Carl E. Walz

       Yuri Onufrienko

       Daniel W. Bursch

Expedition-3 (down):  Mikhail Turin

       Frank Culbertson

       Vladimir Dezhurov

Mission Number -- Shuttle flight #108; Endeavour flight #17
Estimated launch window -- less than 5 minutes
Pad -- 39B
Mission duration -- 10 days
Landing -- KSC, TBD
Inclination/orbital insertion altitude -- 51.6 degrees/122 nautical miles
Primary payloads -- ISS twelfth flight (Utilization Flight-1)/ Multi-Purpose Logistics Module
Number of Crew Members -- TBD


Target launch date/time -- January 17, 2002 (U/R), TBD

Crew   Members

Orbiter -- Atlantis (OV-104) Cdr -- TBD

Plt -- TBD



Mission Number -- Shuttle flight #109; Atlantis flight #25
Estimated launch window -- TBD
Pad -- 39B
Landing -- KSC, January 26, TBD
Mission duration -- 9 days
Inclination/orbital insertion altitude -- 51.6 degrees/122 nautical miles
Primary payloads -- ISS thirteenth flight (8A)/Integrated Truss Structure SO, Mobile Transporter
Number of Crew Members -- TBD


Target launch date/time -- March 14, 2002, TBD (U/R)

Crew   Members

Orbiter -- Columbia (OV-102) Cdr -- Rick Husband

Plt -- William "Willie" McCool

MS -- Michael Anderson

MS -- Kalpana Chawla

MS -- David Brown

MS -- Laurel Clark

PS -- Ilan Ramon (Israel)

Mission Number -- Shuttle flight #110; Columbia flight #28
Estimated launch window -- TBD
Pad -- 39A
Landing -- KSC, March 30, TBD
Mission duration -- 16 days
Inclination/orbital insertion altitude -- 39 degrees/150 nautical miles
Primary payloads -- Research Mission
Number of Crew Members -- 7

Past Shuttle Launches


Cdr = mission commander NET = no earlier than
cos = cosmonaut PC = payload commander
EDT = Eastern Daylight Time Plt = pilot
EST = Eastern Standard Time PS = payload specialist
ISS = International Space Station TBD = to be determined
MS = mission specialist U/R = under review